Where to buy a garganelli comb

by Carol
(Santa Clara, CA, USA)

I am trying to buy a contraption called a "garganelli comb".

It is as wide as a pencil, and the dough is 1 x 1 inch wide dough. With this combed finish, it is supposed to adhere sauces better. Otherwise it's similar to penne pasta.

Can you help Matt?


Hi Carol,

Yes indeed, you've pretty much identified the key difference there between penne and garganelli pasta (try my garganelli pasta page to learn how to make the dough and form the shapes).

As for the comb you're talking about, I've found one English (mainly) site that might be able to help.

Visit lavecchiascuola.com. This little and good value set includes the comb and its board. Seems like they should deliver overseas too.

Best of luck. Do let us know how you get on combing that pasta!


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