Where can I get spare parts for a Pastamatic 1400 pasta maker?

by Maria
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hi Matt,

My mum bought me a Pastamatic 1400 pasta machine in Italy several years ago. She carried it all the way back to Melbourne, Australia where we have been enjoying homemade pasta for years.

Recently I went to make a kilo of pasta and I broke the machine. The inside gear, the big one, snapped. My mother tells me its because the dough was too dense. Now I cannot use the machine unless I replace the gear.

I have tried many distributers in Australia but they have discontinued importing the product to Australia. I need your help desperately. Can I buy this part online perhaps from Italy or the USA?

Thank you!


Answer:Hi there Maria and sorry to hear about your tried and trusted Pastamatic biting the dust :-/

Pastamatic machines are made by a company called Simac. I actually looked up this information previously when another poster asked a similar question, so here are two companies to try:

In the US

+1 800-865-6330

In Italy:

Simac-Vetrelli S.p.A., Italy
Divisione Commerciale SIMAC
De'Longhi Appliances
Via L. Seitz, 47
31100 Treviso (TV) - Italy
Tel. + 39 0422 4131
Fax + 39 0422 41309

Just now I also found a company that supplies spare parts for Simac coffee and pasta machines in Australia, called Coffee Machine Parts. I didn't see exactly the part you mentioned here on their site, but it's probably a good idea to contact them to pose your question there as well. They might well be able to order your part from their supplier.

Please let me know how you get on. Wishing you the best of luck :-)


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