Where can I buy computer pasta shapes?


While surfing the internet, I once saw some tri-colored pasta shaped as computers.

Now I am throwing a birthday party for my computer engineer husband and some pasta shaped as computers would be great to add to dinner.

Do you have any or know where I can get some without having to make them?

Thank you.


Well I've searched, Googled, Binged and searched a bit more, and no joy I'm afraid.

I don't suppose your computer's history spans that far back, so you can see which site you visited?


The best novelty selection of pasta shapes I know is found here: http://www.pastashoppe.com/index.htm

I skimmed through all their pages but couldn't see any computer pasta shapes however (though it might be worth you browsing more carefully, as maybe I missed them).

Really sorry I can't be more help. I tried!


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