When making ravioli with the Atlas 150 ravioli attachment, how do I...

by Melanie


I was wondering if you could help?

I found a Marcato Multipast pasta machine set for $5 at a yard sale, new in the box. I tried it today because I was craving ravioli.

I made 4 fillings, and set to work using the machine for the first time.

However I really had a problem making the sheets of pasta - at setting #5 - wide enough to work in the ravioli attachment. Is there any way you could show us a technique for making the sheets wide enough? The length is great, but if the sheet is not wide enough then the crimps for the fillings just don't work.

Any ideas?


Response: Hi Melanie and thanks for your email. Also, well done on getting such a great pasta maker deal - that's quite a bargain, even without all the extra attachments! :-)

I have not used Marcato's Atlas ravioli attachment, so I don't have first hand experience of this. But even so, I can easily understand that getting the pasta the right wide enough to perfectly fit into the ravioli attachment must be crucial (one reviewer on this Amazon attachment page notes the same thing).

With my Imperia SP150 pasta machine I received a pasta cutter in the box (2 small cutting wheels fixed the right width apart, with handle), which cuts the your rolled-flat pasta dough into exactly the right width strips to fit in the machine. I don't suppose you got such a cutter with your set? That would be the ideal, but I'm guessing not!

Otherwise, all I can suggest really is how the manual cutting approach might work:

* Make your pasta dough

* Roll it flat enough to fit in your machine's rollers

* Width-wise, use a long sharp knife to slice it into the correct width strips

Note: Of course, the edges of your flat circle of pasta dough won't make wide enough strips, so you'll then need to take these edge bits, squidge them together into a 'leftovers' dough ball, then re-roll that and re-cut. Repeat until you have no dough left...

Truth is, that's not ideal and a little annoying.

I will send this page link to my contact at Marcato too then... to see if they've any additional tips to add. Maybe they can advise you further...


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