What's the difference between cannelloni and manicotti?

by C Thompson

Cannelloni (not manicotti!) stuffed with bolognese sauce

Cannelloni (not manicotti!) stuffed with bolognese sauce

Hi Matt,

Can you tell me the difference between cannelloni pasta and manacotti? Are they interchangeable?



Answer: Hi there Carol.

A type of stuffed baked pasta, manicotti translates as sleeves in Italian and refers to large, tube-shaped pasta shapes/noodles.

Cannelloni are effectively the same shapes, however the strict difference is that these are created by rolling rectangular pasta sheets into tubes, whereas manicotti are pre-formed tubes.

In truth though, what with Barilla pasta offering pre-formed packet tubes that are called - you guessed it! - 'cannelloni', the difference is rather becoming lost.

Hope that helps,


PS: You can learn more about the squillions different pasta shapes available over on my types of pasta page. (Please let me know if I missed any - it's an ever-expanding list!)

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