What's the best pasta machine dough recipe?

by D
(Alberta, Canada)


I just bought the Imperia SP150, so my next question is, do you a great pasta machine dough recipe?

Which one of your fresh doughs works best with pasta makers? Or doesn't it matter?

I really don't wanna get the dough stuck in there and break it the first time!

Thanks in advance for your tips,



Hi D,

Sure, no problem.

There is no special pasta machine dough recipe: you simply have the main two types of dough you can usually make, i.e. made with or without egg.

Pasta dough with egg is my particular favorite, and makes strong, succulent pasta. This will run through a pasta machine just fine, once you've rolled it for just a minute to get it flat enough to fit between the rollers - find this dough recipe here (and the video version here).

The non-egg version will also run through a machine just fine, producing more translucent pasta that's a little more Chinese noodle-ish. One note - you'll need to buy special semolina flour first. Find this recipe (also suitable for vegan egg avoiders) here.

Enjoy your pasta making!


PS: You might also find it worth checking out my pasta cookbook, as this comes with printable versions of my fresh pasta guides and exclusive downloadable videos of the same.

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Pretty basic machine
by: Matty

You bought yourself a pretty basic machine for making pasta - this is no criticism, I've got one of them myself!

Don't worry about breaking it though, they are quite sturdy and will survive anything you throw at them, hehe, you just might make yourself more work when cleaning them :-)

I think one thing to remember is that the dough you feed through shouldn't be too sticky. This can be particularly the case if you make your dough with eggs. If you feel that it's a bit borderline, just put some plain flour over the sheets before you feed them through the tagliatelle cutter, should do the trick!

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