What wine to use when making bolognese sauce - is merlot ok?

by Jeremiah Parra
(Indian Land, South Carolina, USA)

Matt, first I really want to thank you for sharing your heart with Italian food lovers. I am grateful.

In your bolognese sauce recipe you said to use red wine.

Please can you tell me which kind, may I use Merlot?

Thanks again,
Jeremiah Parra.

Answer: Hi Jeremiah, thanks very much for your kind words.

Re: the wine, yes I would say merlot will be fine. We don't worry about what varietal of red wine we use in sauces (just not sweet wine of course).

In fact, we try to use the cheapest wine we have for cooking - it's a shame to waste the really good stuff in a sauce, unless you're made of money!

Enjoy your sauce... :-)

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