What is a bread with cooked pasta in it called?

Pasta in crosta

Pasta in crosta

While growing up my family baked a bread with cooked pasta in it. I think it was during Easter.

Can you help me find out what it's called? I am dying to make this dish again!


Hi there, darn good question!

I wasn't sure myself, but my good friend Manu and bro-in-law Mauro reckon you might be referring to something called 'pasta in crosta', which is kind of a crusty pastry pie with pasta inside.

Here's a page on it in Italian. (If you run this through Google Translate, or translate it via the Firefox web browser, the instructions should easily make enough sense to follow.)

Alternatively, you might be talking about 'Timballo di Pasta in Crosta', the difference being that a timballo is not necessarely 'in crosta' (in crust/pastry). Learn about that on this page.

Hope that's helpful. Do let me know if it was either of those!


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