Easy vegan pasta recipes

Introducing this site's very tastiest vegan pasta recipes - from fresh vegan pasta dough to baked pasta veggies, pasta alla norma with eggplant, authentic Italian minestrone soup and more...

There's a vegan pasta dish (or two) here for everyone. I suggest you kick off by making some succulent vegan pasta from scratch, with this picture and video guide.

Then just get cracking with the vegan pasta recipes that appeal the most.

All the dishes, sauces, soups and bakes listed below are 100% authentic - in that my Italian mamma-in-law Marisa taught me them - and I've explained then using easy step-by-step guides.

So... "Manga! Manga!"


Fresh vegan pasta

What better start to a vegan pasta recipes page than a fool-proof, super-succulent vegan pasta dough recipe? This beauty takes 20 minutes to make (maximum), and will hold the flavor of your chosen vegan sauce way better than the packet stuff.


Pasta fagioli (bean pasta)

Super nutrituous and a great winter warmer. If you enjoy dishes with a thick texture (and I recommend you try fagioli this way), then just cook this for a few minutes longer than if you prefer more of a pasta soup. (Just ignore this recipe's cheeky mention of parmesan cheese!)

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Nuccia's vegetable pasta

If you like your zucchini and tomatoes super molten, this delicious treat is for you. This stupidly easy dish comes courtesy of my mamma-in-law's good Sicilian friend, Nuccia Pelliccia. A cracking name, top lady, and winning dish. Lovely.


Pasta alla norma

Love a bit of sumptuous fried eggplant? Sure it's not cooked in the healthiest way, but darn it tastes so fine! This simple, staple Italian pasta dish takes no skill at all, has a story to tell, and will - I think - quickly become one of your faves. (Just ignore the parmesan mention, the rest stays the same.)


Vegetable pasta salad

This is a great dish for using up any bits of veg you have left over in the fridge (the ingredients here are just a good mix, but stick in there what you like). Chop the veg, drizzle in oil and herbs, bung it in the oven, then mix with short pasta. Then as they say in the land of the boot, it's... finito!


Garlic pasta recipe

Introducing a vegan pasta meal that'll kick you swiftly in the chops. Featuring garlic and chili, this easy long pasta creation - known as ‘aglio, olio e peperoncino’ in Italy - takes just 20 minutes and uses just 5 ingredients. That's about as minimal as tasty pasta dishes get.


Minestrone soup recipe

This beginner-friendly Italian soup recipe is a ‘throw it all in the pan’ style beauty and full of wholesome goodness.In Italy ‘minestra’ actually means broth (in other words, soup with big chunky bits in), so this family-filling minestrone is quite literally a ‘big broth’. Whatever the name, it’s one of the most nutrituous vegan pasta recipes here.

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Tomato sauce recipes

When it comes to pasta cooking, it's important to nail this most important component - flavorful, nicely thickened tomato sauce.

If you diplomatically avoid the pork and ricotta mentions in the first recipe on this page, you'll whiz up a sumptuous covering for any pasta you like. Delicious.


Potato gnocchi recipe

And finally... a complete cheat recipe that isn't pasta-related at all! It is often grouped alongside pasta dishes however (in restaurants, cookbooks etc.), and that's enough of an excuse for me. These supple little balls of potato are super-filling and hold any sauce you care to throw at them.


Get sauced with Sass...

Introducing my friend, nutrionalist and all-round vegan guru Sassy of vegancoach.com.

Her new e-book 'Get Sauced With Sass!' is a one-of-a-kind vegan sauce-making course.

Designed to teach you how to create nutritious and yummy sauces from scratch without a recipe in sight, it's well worth a look - click here to read more.

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