Using the Marcato pasta extruder - why didn't my fuselli twist?

by Louise

Hey Matt - I just bought a Marcato pasta extruder - tried to make the fuselli, but it came out straight, not twisted...

Do you have any idea what I was doing wrong?

I tried to turn the crank slowly, then quickly - but to no avail.

The pasta still tasted great, but the shape was strange, and it did not hold the pasta sauce as welll as if it had been twisted.


Answer: Hi Louise and thanks for writing in.

First question for you - which machine are you using? Is it the Atlas Manual Pasta Extruder Regina?

I have that one and am planning to review it for this site. I've used it twice so far and haven't been super impressed. I just can't get even the rigatoni tubes to stay open: once the pasta comes through the extruder everything just flops and squidges together. Not good.

If you let me know which machine and/or attachment (or feel free to add/send me a photo!), then I can maybe ask my contact at Marcato.

If it was a case of your shapes being like mine, then I'd suggest a slightly dryer dough - that's what I'll do next time - to avoid overmoistness being the cause, but just not twisting.... at this stage I remain stumped!

Let me know by dropping a new comment below okay? Then hopefully we can figure it out!


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Jan 05, 2014
Where are the timestamps?
by: Anonymous

I don't see any timestamps on the comments on this webpage! Moving on to another website. No sense in wading through 10 year old comments.

Response: in truth, the tips don't tend to get out of date Mr. Anonymous, since the advice on this site comes direct from my mamma- and nonna-in-law anyway!

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