Using the Imperia pasta maker to make fresh lasagna sheets

by Denis

Hi Matt - couple of quick questions for you.

When making pasta for lasagna using the Imperia 150 pasta maker, would running it through to setting 4 be thin enough?

After the sheets are made and cut to 4"-6" lengths, after watching your videos and reading your instructions I think they should be placed in salted boiling water for four minutes before making up the lasagna?

Also - I watched another video where after they cooked it they put it in iced water to stop it cooking further prior to making the lasagna. Is this nessasary?

Thanks for your help,



Hey Denis,

Yes I think that medium Imperia setting should do fine. It's pretty thick, but that's great as it will make for a wonderfully substantive, filling baked treat in my opinion.

And yes to the boiling! When I'm using packet lasagne I build the dish with these sheets uncooked, but for fresh pasta I was always taught you should half-cook these sheets (i.e. just until al dente or a little firm) before starting constructing the layers.

Note: I haven't tried it without this cooking step, so that could work too, but since this approach works well I don't feel the motivation to play around with it to be honest.

The iced water idea you mentioned feels maybe a little over the top to me. I don't even drain the lasagna sheets in a colander/sieve. I just spoon them out of the pan, drip for a second, then pop them on a side plate while I start building the lasagna's layers. (After all, much of the time a lasagna (or portions of it) will be reheated after the first cooking anyway, and you don't really hear people complain about that being too much cooking!)

Enjoy and buon appetito!


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