Thickness of pasta using Kitchen Aid pasta machine

by Keith

Hi, I have a Kitchen Aid pasta machine and would like to know at what number I should be turning the knob to for fettuni, lasagna, ravioli and angel hair spaghetti.

I have "fluked" it for spaghetti at number 3. I would appreciate your help.




Hi Keith. Am I right in thinking you are using the pasta roller attachment for the big KitchenAid stand mixer?

If so, then you're in luck!

Here is what KitchenAid recommends re: the pasta thickness settings you mention:

1 or 2: Kneading and thinning dough
3: Thick “kluski”-type egg noodles
4: Egg noodles
4 or 5: Lasagna noodles, fettuccine, spaghetti, and ravioli
6 or 7: Tortellini, thin fettuccine, and linguine fini
7 or 8: Very thin “angel-hair”- type pasta/capellini or very fine linguine

And for your reference, click this page, which is the user manual that includes this info (it's on page 8). Or right-click this link and choose 'save target/link as' to save this PDF onto your computer.

Hope that answers your Q. Good cookin' sir!

Matt :-)

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Mar 03, 2013
Thickness of lasagna pasta
by: John M

In my opinion a setting of 4 results in a rather thick lasagna noodle.

Two weeks ago I decided to make lasagna and ravioli noodles at the same time. As such, I used setting 4 for the ravioli. After preparing the lasagna I was disappointed at how 'doughy' it came out.

I prefer at setting of 5 or 6. And that may be the answer, one's personal preference.

John in Anchorage.

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