The best pasta for a diet

by Trevor Mason
(Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia)

I love my pasta, but I must lose weight.

What is the best pasta or recipes that can help me?


Hi Trevor and thanks for your question.

Firstly, a disclaimer - I'm not a dietician, nutritionist or health professional of any kind.

I have read a good few books on exercise and nutrition though. And several years ago I lost a chunk of extra weight through six months' worth of better eating (note: changes, not 'a diet') and exercise - which I've kept off.

First things first - I'm sure you know already that there's no magic food or pasta sauce that's gonna help you: it all boils down to calories IN (i.e. eat low-sugar nutritious stuff that isn't based on frying) versus calories OUT (i.e. get into the habit of doing regular exercise to burn them off).

I certainly wouldn't recommend eating big pasta dishes more than 2 or 3 times a week.

When you do eat this good stuff though - I recommend buying or making wholewheat pasta. This is a quite different taste to the white stuff (a taste we really love) and packed with way more good stuff (see this eye-opening comparison).

Then, for your pasta sauces, try to avoid very fatty versions (i.e. the less cheese the better), and less frying.

Some starter suggestions:

* This baked veggie pasta

* No-frills spaghetti al pomodoro

* Beany pasta fagioli

* Other crockpot-style pasta soups

I hope that's helpful sir - good luck with your challenge.

I honestly think the key is to make small gradual changes that stand a good chance of becoming actual habits and not just an extreme diet or plan that you might tire of after a week.

And because I can't help it, some exercise inspiration (from my Bookmark list):

* Hannibal the King (I don't suggest you necessarily try to copy him, just get inspired by him!)

* Merry Christmas Bob (an article from a bodybuilding site - I don't particularly recommend the site - it's OTT in my opinion - but this article is pure motivation).

* A great 10-minute home workout that almost killed me earlier today (I'm trying to do this 3 times a week, alongside cario):

* Why every man should lift weights


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