Thawing frozen lasagna

(Fayetteville, AR)

I am going to freeze several pans of lasagna and am not sure how long to allow it to thaw before cooking or heating. Do I thaw it out in the fridge? If so, how long?

Karen Graves

Answer: Hi Karen.

The ideal approach is to defrost your lasagna (or in this case several 'lasagne') at room temperature, before cooking or reheating them (if already pre-cooked) as normal, i.e. for roughly 20 mins at 180C/355-degrees Fahrenheit.

If however you are really pushed for time, I would pop them in the oven on a lower heat to defrost it (maybe half the heat mentioned above). Defrost like this until you can push in a toothpick without hitting ice.

Then ramp up the temperature to that noted above and cook for 15 mins (to start) at this full temperature. Add extra 5 minute blasts until fully cooked through.

Hope that's clear Karen. Do shout if not,


PS: Also check out my free downloadable Freezing Lasagna guide on this page.

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