Storing fresh pasta for sale at market

by Sandy
(Penticton B.C. Canada)

We are a group of ladies who would like to sell pasta at the local market.

So far we have made it with just the fresh eggs and basic flour. We then dried it and bagged it in plastic once it was dry.

Somehow this does not seem too safe to me and before contacting the health authoritys to ask about food safe and regulations I though I would ask for advice from you guys.

I understand that you must freeze it... or?


Response: Hi Sandy and thanks very much for your question - sounds like a great plan.

If we don't eat it straight away (usually the case), we dry our pasta completely and keep it in Tupperware plastic containers, however a sealed bag I'm sure does the same job.

Like this the pasta can easily keep for a month without any worries. I know this because we, and plenty of others I know of, have done it and happily lived to tell the tale.

Of course I'd be interested to know the authorities' take on this too though!

(Alternatively, or in addition, maybe one of you could make it fresh on the market stall itself... a little microphone and speaker, explain how to do it to the passing shoppers... I for one would love that!)

Have a great time, whatever you decide!


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