Spinach pasta recipe (spaghetti) with garlic

Hey Matt,

This recipe is from Bill Granger's 'Every Day' recipe book (I sometimes tweak this recipe though depending on what's in the pantry!).


- A big bag of baby spinach (the more the better as it "shrinks")
- Garlic
- Olive oil (I use cold pressed extra virgin)
- Spaghetti ('spelt' is good) OR angel hair/linguine pasta (whatever is in the pantry!)
- Grana Padana or Reggiano Italian cheese
- A good-quality dry white wine
- Chili (optional) - you can used dried chili too

1. Cook pasta in a saucepan of generously salted water until 'al dente' (i.e. 1 min less than packet suggests - Matt)

2. When the pasta is cooked & drained, start the sauce:

- Add a good few glugs of the olive oil into a heated pan, along with 2-4 cloves of garlic (I like a lot of garlic so feel free to decrease or add more!)

- Add a fresh (or a few shakes of dried) chili.

Cook for about 2 minutes until aromatic.

3. Add 80mls of wine (I like a lot, so sometimes do up to about 100mls or even more) & cook for another 1-2 mins.

- Add the spinach & when it is wilted add your drained pasta.

(Tip: I normally add the pasta in batches if I am doing a large quantity, so that all the pasta is beautifully coated with the sauce & spinach.)

4.Grate some of the parmesan over the entire dish while still in the pan

When serving: I add more parmesan & also a pinch or 2 of extra salt (I use Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt which I highly recommend over regular table salt!)

And voilĂ ! Done! Simple!

This spinach pasta recipe is one of my very favourite pasta dishes - it is so simple & yet so tasty! And it's also GREAT if you have extra unexpected guests! :D

I normally serve this as a dinner dish, but it would make a lovely light-yet-filling lunch too!


Liesl a.k.a. lulubrownskin.

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