Speed-Cheese Spaghetti Recipe
- a bowl of taste that's ready in 10 minutes


Do you sometimes just need a real quick tummy-filling dinner? Do you love spaghetti? Then bookmark this spaghetti recipe right now.

Italian spaghetti recipe

This dish is super cheesy (its flavor is distinctive Italian pecorino to be exact), completely tasty, and ready - start to finish - in just 10 minutes (or to be even more precise, however long your spaghetti's packet says it takes to cook!).

This warm, peppery dish - called spaghetti cacio e pepe in Italian (spaghetti with cheese and pepper) - is stupidly well known in the land of the boot, so it's strange that it has taken me 4 years of pasta website building to discover it. But there we go, better late than never!

And just to clarify this again - this dish takes only 10 minutes. That's not artistic licence, nor bending the truth, it's truly done and in your dish ready to eat in 600 seconds flat.

Plus you need just 4 ingredients to make it, and that's including the salt and pepper! The pecorino is the only thing you might need to hunt down, but it's not hard to find and well worth the trouble.

(Watch an Italian video version of this recipe here.)

Italian spaghetti recipeLet's make it...

Serves: 4


160g/5.6oz Italian pecorino cheese

400g/14oz spaghetti

Black pepper corns (i.e. in grinder)


STEP 1 - Cook up the pasta in a large pot full of well-salted boiling water.

- Set your timer for as long as the pasta packet's timings and stir occasionally.

STEP 2 - While the spaghetti cooks, grate all the cheese.

- When the spaghetti is done (don't overcook it, it should be al dente), use a large fork or spaghetti spoon to transfer the pasta into a large mixing bowl (no colander/sieve required).

STEP 3 - Add 2 ladels (roughly 12 tablespoons) of the pasta water into the bowl of spaghetti and then stir in all the cheese, moving the pasta in all directions with your fork until it's completely covered in the (now melting) cheese.

Italian spaghetti recipe

- Finally, season it all by stirring through 8-10 big grinds of pepper.

Italian spaghetti recipe


To serve: pop into bowls and then make it look a little more presentable by adding a little extra grated cheese and a little pepper on top of each serving.

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