Small square pasta shapes for chicken soup?

by Michelle

Quadrettini: pic from

Quadrettini: pic from

Hi there - I have a question. I am trying to make a old family recipe for Chicken Soup, but it calls for a pasta noodle that is square in shape and is about 1/2 inch in size.

I would really like to know the name and then, of course, where I could possibly get some...?

Thanks - Michelle.

Answer: Hi Michelle and sorry for the delay in replying - it took a bit of digging around.

I believe the small square pasta shapes you're referring to are called: quadrettini.

These are sometimes alternatively called: quadrucci (Barilla and some other big producers call them this for example), quadratini, quadretti or lucciole.

I actually learned these names from this Food Info page (but I'll also be adding these shapes to my own popular Different Types of Pasta page).

In terms of buying these shapes...

For the best quality versions, I'd suggest trying your local Italian store or delicatessen.

Or else I found one example here on

Or this site seems like it might sell them when it re-launches: Healthy Foods Online.

Bizare: pasta producer Dececco actually sells quadrettini online here (Euro shipping only), whereas the Soup section of their US site doesn't. Not helpful (sorry!), just strange...

Alternatively, you could go the more creative and much tastier route by making them yourself from scratch.

Learn more about pasta shapes for soup: this page has a great and very comprehensive guide.

Hope that's helpful - ciao!


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