Easy Shrimp Pasta Recipes

What seafood lover doesn’t love trying new shrimp pasta recipes? If that’s you, I hope you’ll enjoy this constantly growing page.

I start you off here with two of my mamma-in-law Marisa’s often-cooked winners: the first is a super flexible beast into which in truth you can pretty much fling whatever seafood you want – shrimps, prawns (is there a difference?), mussels, whatever you like…

The second of these recipes combines everyone’s favorite crustaceans with long pappardelle pasta coated in oily molten zucchini (courgette) bits. Simple but far from plain, I think you’ll love it.

'Your choice' seafood pasta recipechicken cannelloni recipe

The beautiful Italian name of this flexible feast is ‘pasta ai frutti di mare’ – or ‘pasta with the fruits of the sea’. It’s also arguably the most flexible recipe you’re likely to find in this section, as you can throw in whatever mixed seafood you find at the store. Delicious.

Shrimp and pasta recipe with zucchinichicken cannelloni recipe

Shrimps? Prawns? What you call them seems to depend on where you live, but whatever their names, the medium-sized crustaceans used here make for a deliciously oily pasta dish, featuring molten zucchini and optional chili.

Look out for more shrimp recipes arriving here soon...

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