Should I rinse pasta?

by Paul A. Morris
(Wildwood, New Jersey)

When I was a child and even as a young adult, my mother would RINSE off the hot pasta after she boiled it in hot water, using cold water!

Then I heard that some people wash their pasta before they cook it!

I do NEITHER, but should I rinse my pasta after cooking?


Response: Hi Paul and thanks for the post.

I have heard of people doing this before, and it's of course a very subjective thing, but I've never heard a highly convincing argument for it.

Thus we never rinse our pasta (nor does my mamma-in-law back in Rapallo, Italy) - in most cases if you are eating it immediately I don't really see a need.

The only exceptions I can think of...

• If you oversalted the water, maybe rinsing will help reduce the taste a little.

• If you cooked your pasta too long or you will cook it again (i.e. when baking it in a more advanced dish), rinsing in cold water will stop it continuing to cook.

But generally, we never do, yet our pasta dishes seem to taste pretty buono nonetheless ;-)

Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

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Apr 03, 2012
Rinsing pasta
by: ken de cook

Hi you all... when my pasta is cooked I rinse it in cold water, shake it, then if I am not using it till later I toss it in a little olive oil and cover it with cling film which stops it sticking together..

ken de cook in the merchant navy...

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