Selling frozen lasagna

by Rico Raviola
(Toronto, Canada)


I have a small business and my customers have asked me if I can sell them frozen lasagna.

What is the best way to freeze it and what kind of dish should I use?

Thanks Matt.

Answer: Hi Rico, how fantastic that you have customers with suggestions and you're willing to take them on-board. Good for you sir.

In terms of what to sell your frozen lasagna in, I suggest you buy a batch of aluminum foil trays (like these Amazon examples).

These are great value, oven friendly, and available in several sizes - meaning you can sell both full lasagne (plural) for 4-6 people (family size) or smaller individual portions for one.

In terms of cooking and freezing, the main choice you have with frozen lasagna is whether you fully cook it before freezing:

- you can make the sauce, build the dish, but not cook it in the oven - just freezing it 'ready to cook' so to speak. (This is ideal, as the lasagna just gets cooked through once, after defrosting, meaning it stays super-moist.)

- or... you can make then cook your lasagna in the oven, then freeze it, which means people will buy it frozen, take it home, defrost it and then put in the oven again (for the 2nd time in the dish's life) to heat through before eating.

Whilst option one is preferable for home cooking, in your case I would suggest going with the 2nd approach and pre-cooking your lasagne (i.e. 20 mins at 350F etc.). This should avoid your clients not cooking their lasagna properly and so not enjoying it.

So do it this way, and advise clients to defrost their lasagna at room temperature (i.e. during the day), before reheating in the oven for 15 - 20 mins at this temperature above.

Hope that helps - do let me know how it goes!


PS: Also try my full 'freezing lasagna' page for more tips (it includes a free downloadable guide) - it's here.

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by: Dan

Thawing food over the counter can be dangerous and isn't recommended by health officials. Since he'd be selling them to clients, he might get in big trouble with food inspectors.

Response: Certainly there's room for issues here Dan, although the poster isn't operating in the US. In my view they would need to guide each customer well.

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