Rusty rollers

by Livia
(Puerto Rico)

Yes I have the Imperia pasta machine. I have used it two or 3 times. The last time I used it, I found it had a few rust spots on the rollers.

I never clean it with water, I just take a paper towel, fold it several times and run it like the dough through to clean the rollers. I don't know what happened.

The rust is very difficult to remove, and I don't even know if I should continue to use it. Its a dissapointment. I thought it would last for a long time!


Response: Hi Livia, if I were you I would not use it any more.

I did ask Imperia about this actually. Here is what their spokesperson told me:

"Imperia pasta machines are made of chromed steel, not of inox steel, so they cannot tolerate direct contact with water or wet materials.

"Rust should not appear on the machines if they are used properly. If the user noticed rust on the machine when she opened the box for the first time, she should really have immediately returned it to the shop where she purchased it.

"In any case, better not to fold a piece of material and pass it through the rollers to clean the machine, because the material has not the same consistency of the dough and could compromise the parallelism of the rollers."

Is it less than a year since you bought the machine? If it is, and you have the receipt (or a digital email receipt), I suggest returning it and getting it exchanged.

I hope that is some help Livia. Sorry to hear about your frustrating situation!


PS: As for why the rust appeared in the first place, maybe the box got moist during storage/transportation? That's the only thing I can think of.

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rust as well
by: Anonymous

The same thing has happened to my pasta roller Atlas Marcato. I have hardly used it and I have realised that the rollers got a little bit of rust on them a week ago when wanted to make pasta with my son. I am a bit unhappy as well about that...
C├ęcile France

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