Italian Ricotta Cheese Recipes

These Italian ricotta cheese recipes are lusciously creamy and all feature some form of delectable pasta.

So if you're interesting in trying new ricotta recipes and love Italian cuisine, you should find several easy dishes here to suit you.

We kick off with a creamy tomato bowlful, before getting a little more adventurous (while still keeping the directions clear and simple) with cannelloni and ravioli meals for you to try, a face-widening blue cheese dish, a baked ricotta tagliatelle feast and more.

Let's get started...

Pasta with ricotta

ricotta cheese recipes pasta with ricottaThis creamy, tomato-packed short pasta dish is a favorite in our household. Adding glorious ricotta (fresh if possible!) along with crunchy pancetta bacon chunks to homemade tomato sauce may not be revolutionary, but it sure does make for a super-moreish pasta bowlful. Simple and scrumptious, you have to try this.

Spinach and ricotta cannelloni

ricotta cheese recipes spinach cannelloniWho doesn't love this tube-filling restaurant favorite? The good news is this cream n' green creation is totally simple to make. A great one for filling stomachs and impressing dinner guests. (Tip: if you like this dish, you might also like to try these additional cannelloni recipes.)

Simple ravioli recipe

ricotta cheese recipes ricotta ravioli recipeJust like the cannelloni treat above, this butter-coated ravioli recipe tastes delicious, is not at all tricky to make, and is sure to float the boats of ricotta cheese fans. Best of all, in making it you'll learn how to make delectable fresh pasta from scratch - a great skill to have!

'In the ring' baked pasta recipe

ricotta cheese recipes baked pasta recipeThis mamma-in-law special takes a bit of time, so it's perfect for lazy indoor weekends or special occasions. This circular tummy-filler coats tagliatelle strips in ricotta and tomato, before adding succulent meatballs to the mix and bunging it all in the oven. The result? Sliceable portions of pure pasta pleasure.

Blue cheese pasta

ricotta cheese recipes blue cheese pastaHere's how perfect for cheese lovers this dish is: when you munch it you first get the face-widening hit of gorgonzola, then the crunch of chopped walnut, and finally... a sweet pear aftertaste comes drifting through the ricotta creaminess. Did I mention there's zero 'cooking' involved? Glorious.

Dad's fave crunchy n’ creamy pasta recipe

ricotta cheese recipes creamy pasta recipeDirect from the sun-kissed island of Sicily here's a penne dish that my meat-loving Dad instantly proclaimed his new pasta favorite (thus its name). In addition to ricotta it features crushed almonds, toasted breadcrumbs, cream, white onion and a hint of basil. You really won't miss the meat.

Even more ricotta cheese recipes...

In addition to the dishes above, many of the other recipes on this site feature ricotta as an optional ingredient.

Use the box below to search out more of these ricotta recipes (simply search for 'optional ricotta' or just 'ricotta').

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