Rich lasagna sauce left-overs

by Christina

My finished lasagna came out too rich. I used too much tomato puree and canned tomatoes. So there is still half of a very large tray left.

It seems such a waste to throw as it is pretty expensive to make with all the Italian cheeses and such. Any ideas?

Thoughts: Hi Christina. First, a little clarification needed. When you say you have half a very large tray left. What do you have left? - Just tomato sauce (or meat sauce with tomato) and some cheese?

If these are together, you could simply freeze the lot and then defrost and heat through in future to use this as a standard pasta sauce (I recommend matching it with spaghetti or short pasta shapes like rigatoni).

If you have lasagna sheets in there already too, you could transfer this unused lasagna into a smaller tray or dish and again freeze until required (see this freezing lasagna guide).

Any help? If not, just let me know exactly what you have left and I can be more specific!

Thanks :-)


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by: Ocean Frieght

Love the lasagna.. keep it up .. more recipes!

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