Refrigerating fresh egg pasta - colour changed overnight!

by Alice
(BC Canada)

Hi :-)

I LOVE making pasta!

I am using unbleached all-purpose flour and eggs for my dough.

How can I stop my pasta from turning brownish after only one or two days in the fridge?

I don't add water (usually), wrap and rest for 30 mins, and I hang it to dry for an hour after cutting.

I am experimenting with different methods and eggs to see what is causing it, but advice would definitely be quicker!

Many thanks!

Answer: Hi Alice and thanks for your query.

I'm a little confused - if I understand correctly, you are making fresh pasta, letting the dough rest, then rolling and chopping your shapes. Then you are drying it and - storing it in the fridge?

Why in the fridge?

I never store my homemade pasta shapes in the fridge. And they never go a funny color. (And that dough is also, typically, made using eggs.)

So I would try drying them for longer, i.e. until totally dry, and then storing in Tupperware/plastic food boxes.

Let me know if that makes a difference!


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Comments for Refrigerating fresh egg pasta - colour changed overnight!

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You're right
by: Alice

Hi! Drying it for longer has helped. I store it in the fridge because I thought it might go bad? I don't want my noodles dried hard.. I want to eat it fresh within 5-7 days. Does that make sense? Thank you very much for your response! Alice

No, I wouldn't do that...
by: Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

I think you've really just two choices - either it your pasta properly fresh (the same day), or dried.

I wouldn't risk storing something made fresh, with eggs, in the fridge a whole week.


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