Easy Italian Ragu Recipes

This ever-growing selection of ragu recipes really brings home the fact that sometimes, truly delicious taste only really comes with time. In other words, real slow and patient cooking on a low heat.

Think about that sauce stirring scene in the movie Goodfellas (clip features drug use); that's what we're about here.

We're talking hunks of meat, bubbling slowly in a thick, rich tomato sauce, with shreds of the flesh peeling slowly off in the heat and dropping into the ever-thickening stew.

"Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly" - Mae West

Let's get cooking shall we?

easy ragu recipe ragu sauce Lazy day ragu recipe

This is it - my mamma Marisa's real-deal Italian ragu. To enjoy this sumptuous pasta dish (with leftover meat and sauce for your second course), you'll need a chunk of beef, a pork rib, a tonne of tomatoes (ish), plenty of time and a strong stirring arm.

pasta with meat sauce 'Ragu Lite' pasta with meat sauce

If you have a little less time to spare (though still at least 90 minutes), you might well enjoy this ragu-esque pasta with meaty sauce. Instead of beef you'll use the pork from sausages to flavor your sauce. It works a treat.

homemade spaghetti sauce recipe 'Milky Ragu' homemade spaghetti sauce recipe

This slow-cooked beauty is a dairy delight as it cooks up a full pork fillet in a sumptuous sauce of milk and white wine. Then just twin this with your short pasta of choice (I highly recommend making fresh pisarei as they're a perfect fit).

In addition to the ragu recipes above, many of the other Italian pasta dishes on this site feature scrummy meat sauces.

Use the search box below to hunt out more of these recipes (simply search for your favorite type of meat).

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