Questions about eggs in pasta dough

by Asiyah

Hi, what is a good substitute for semolina flour?

I want to make an eggless pasta dough, but only have all-purpose flour or wholewheat flour. What is the best recipe to get it tasting and looking great (not too dry, not too wet)?

Do you taste the egg in the pasta? (I love eggs and I love pasta, but together it sounds nasty), or is there any way to disguise the taste of the eggs in the pasta?

Does the egg in the pasta recipe have any real benefit to the pasta, if so, then what are the benefits?

Can you put cinnamon in pasta? Do you think the cinnamon will make it taste like pastry?

I KNOW IT'S ALOT OF QUESTIONS :), but I really need to know. I want to try making pasta for the first time so I want to be fully prepared and for it to be a success.


Answer: Hi Asiyah, and don't worry about asking to many. I'll try to answer them as best I can.

As far as making egg-free pasta is concerned, there is no alternative to semolina flour that I know of. However don't worry... the pasta doesn't really taste of egg - the egg is just the binding agent, in that it helps the dough form by 'binding' the flour together.

What's special about semolina flour is that it can manage this binding just with water.

My suggestion is to try making egg pasta, taste it, then decide. I think you'll love it. A couple of tips before you do:

- When you've made the flour bowl with the mixed eggs in, remove as much of the flour bowl walls as you can without the bowl collapsing. This keeps the flour to a minimum and makes sure you don't overflour your dough, drying it out and making it hard to work with.

- Secondly, when you reach the dough folding stage, aim for tiny air bubbles on the inside of your dough (cut the ball in half to check), but a smooth surface on the outside of the dough ball. That's the ideal consistency.

As for cinnamon, I've never heard of this. It sounds like it would taste a little strange to me. Maybe make 'normal' pasta first time around, then when you've perfected that, start experimenting (and do let me know what works, okay?).

Best of luck Asiyah and buon appetito!


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Thanks Matt!
by: Asiyah

Hey Matt,

I forgot to tell u how my pasta went, it was great. I made wholewheat pasta.

It was a while back and I know it sounds bad, but I don't remember the exact recipe *sigh*, I think it was:

- 2 cups of wholewheat flour
- 1 egg
- 1 tsp salt
- a couple splashes of herb oil
- half a garlic clove

... and I think I put water, maybe 1 cup.

I did like you said... I didn't knead in all of the flour at first, I only used it when it was needed.

I kneaded it for maybe 5-7 minutes, then I bashed the hell out of it!

I left it to rest about 10-30 minutes (not really sure how long), cut it into about 4-6 sections and then rolled it out really thinly and then made bowtie pasta (farfalle is what I think u called it), penne and oriechette, (all of these courtesy of your videos - thanx so much!). I even tried twisting one shape, and it came out OK.

I let them cook 2-5 minutes I think and they were delish. My mom actually liked them, and we didn't taste the egg at ALL!

Thanks so much, you've been a great help. The way you answered my questions made me confident enough to try making pasta and it was a success.

Keep up the good work, I just luv how u answer questions, always encouraging others.



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