Pasta with butter

by Dedi
(West Hempstead, NY, USA)

(Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy: This pasta with butter dish is quick to make and seriously scrumptious. The key is to make sure you use 'sweet' unsalted butter.)

Serves 2

1. Cook your spaghetti and drain.

2. Melt 2-4 tablespoons of sweet butter in a small saucepan.

3. Add 1-2 tablespoons of bread crumbs, stir and cook over a medium heat. The butter will foam as the crumbs brown.

4. When the foam dies down, add salt to taste, stir, pour over spaghetti and mix well.

This is the original recipe. I grew up with this dish and still love it, and I like to mix in tuna salad and corn, which were the inevitable accompaniments my mother made. The brown butter goes well with fresh vegetables too.

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Sep 09, 2009
by: Deborah

This is the best on pasta and veggies.

Jul 05, 2013
Pasta that sounds lovely but looks horrible
by: Anonymous

How about you try twirly pasta with butter and sweetcorn. I guarantee you will love it!

It sounds horrid but tastes scrumptious, with a delightful, sensational taste.

Sep 02, 2015
Pasta with butter NEW
by: theessayservice

Just boil pasta, sap - adds pats of butter and flips until it gets saucy sufficient for you. Add a small salt and/or Parmesan cheese. Whole generation of Americans grew up on buttered noodles like a side dish, not perceptive any other way to have them. Visit Our

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