Pasta sauce for small cafe

by Nishant Sharma
(New Delhi, Delhi, India) name is Nishant from India. I ran a cafe in the local city market and wish to introduce pasta in the menu.

I have tried the basic tomato sauce recipe and it went really well, so thanks to you for that.

My question is - I once tried pasta in white sauce in some restaurant and really liked it. It was smooth and creamy and goes really well with all the ingredients.

I was looking for the recipe for white sauce for pasta which can be blended well with Indian taste. Would be thankful to you if I can get some help here.



Answer: Hi Nishant, and thanks very much for writing in.

I am glad you enjoyed the tomato sauce. In terms of your question, the white sauce was probably milky, creamy bechamel, so I suggest you try this bechamel sauce recipe.

Do let me know if that was the sauce you remember. Enjoy!


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