Prime Pacific pasta roller machine

Unlike its more expensive Imperia and Atlas competitors (here), this pasta roller machine from Prime Pacific is designed firmly with the value-seeker in mind.

prime pacific pasta roller machine

Priced roughly half the price of those machines mentioned above, the Prime Pacific is arguably less sturdy than the Imperia and Atlas models (according to the Prime’s Amazon customer reviews)

However if you are making fresh pasta for the first time and cash is really tight, this machine at least gives you the option of getting starting without breaking the bank.

Like its pricier competitors the Prime Pacific includes:

• 2 steel rollers with 7 thickness settings for flattening your tasty pasta dough

• a removable handle and counter (worktop) clamp to keep the machine steady while you run its rollers

• a double-cutter attachment (for producing thin spaghetti or medium-width fettuccine noodles)

A recipe booklet is also included in the box.

Typical Amazon review comments:

- “Works well for light-duty use.”

- “Easy to attach and easy to use, produces thick or thin noodles. We love it!”

- “This is not the best pasta maker ever, but it works.”

- “I was skeptical about a pasta machine at this price, but it's great.”

Read all this machine’s Amazon reviews here.

Expect to pay: US $25-35

WHO SHOULD BUY IT? First-time pasta makers with limited funds.

WHERE TO BUY IT: it is on Amazon US here.

(This machine is not currently available on Amazon UK, however you can find the similar value-aimed Vogue machine here).

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