Pasta machine's stainless steel tray is for what?

by Sarah

My pasta maker came with a small stainless steel tray. What is this for?

Answer: Good question Sarah. Which pasta machine did you buy - was it this Imperia? It seems some machine bundles/packs include these trays as a default part.

What I've learned recently - thanks to the reader and manufacturer comments over on this discussion page - is that the fresh pasta is meant to sit on the tray whilst you turn the rollers to 'feed it in', rather than you having to hold the dough in your hand.

Honestly? I wouldn't bother with the tray. I've never used one, I've never once wished I had a component to do that job, and to my mind I can only imagine it complicates the job. (To see how I roll it, using the Imperia and without a tray, watch the vid here.)

Hope that's helpful. In short, try the tray if you like, but don't stress... it's really not essential.


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