Pasta machine rolling issue - is it normal for it to shred/tear?

by Jim Moncrieff
(Richmond, Virginia USA)

Hi Matt,

I just found your website and YouTube videos and I love them!

I am a new homemade pasta cook and found a great ebay deal on an Imperia pasta machine.

I'm using a simple egg, flour, and salt pasta dough recipe which seems to produce the right consistency and firmness as I see in the videos, and I'm letting it rest for 30 minutes after kneading.

My problem is when I start to roll it out. With the machine on its thickest setting, the pasta rolls through but comes out somewhat shredded and torn, barely staying in a sheet.

My first thought was that it wasn't floured enough prior to feeding it through the rollers, so I made sure I had plenty the next time but still got the same results.

It seems to eventually smooth out with the thinner rolls and all seems fine but I just think I'm missing something.

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much,



Hi Jim and thanks for the nice site feedback. This is the first time I've heard of the pasta actually tearing while going through the Imperia's normal smooth lasagna-sheet rollers.

I've had pasta dough tear in the pasta when I've been manually rolling it flat with a pin (I've worked out that this means the dough is as thin as it will go!).

You are definitely using the right proportions of egg and flour, as suggested on my pasta dough page here? If so, you've rather stumped me on this one.

I am going to copy this thread to my buddy at Imperia to see if they have any feedback (they've been making dough with their machines way longer than I have after all).

I'll shout back here if they have some advice.

Hopefully more to come...


PS: Next time you try, if you do and get the same result, any chance you could snap and send through a picture? No stress, just that it might help others reading this identify your issue 100% accurately is all.

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Tears in pasta sheets
by: christopher william livingstone

Tears and shredding can be caused by: dry hardened pieces of dough that get incorporated into the pasta dough or stuck on the pasta machines rollers, which cause tears or frayed edges.

Also if the dough has too much moisture, e.g 2 eggs in 100g (3.5 oz) of flour instead of 1, this can gunge up the rollers; a nightmare with the spaghetti attachment.

Most importantly - keep your machine clean, open the rollers at the widest setting and rotate the handle. Check for dough that has stuck to the rollers and don't forget the plastic internal rollers underneath the top two. A bit like cleaning out a toaster really. Also, let sheets of pasta dry a little before further cutting when using machine attachements.

Hope this helps!

Response - Hi Christopher, thanks for this excellent advice.


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