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The pasta information here is designed to give you all the knowledge you might ever need about Italy's favourite ingredient.

Just click the blue links or scroll down for our full 'pasta information menu' below. You'll learn:

• Which sauces suit different pastas... on my Top 10 Pasta Tips page

• How different types of pasta compare

• How to delight guests with fun shaped pasta

• How different pasta shapes get their names and more...

Reckon you already know all about pasta?

• Did you know... seafood pasta sauces are usually only served with long pasta?

• What about the Italian word for ‘small moustaches’? (It's ‘mostaccioli’ and it describes a pasta that results in very dirty children’s faces!)

• Know how spaghetti, spaghettini and spaghettoni compare? Find out here to impress your fellow diners!

You'll find all this info and more in the pages below...


Pasta Information Pages - the full menu

Different types of pasta: an A-Z guide

From amori and barbina to vermicelli and ziti, find out how these pasta shapes differ, how to recognise them, and what their Italian names really mean.

Top 10 pasta tips for amateur cooks

Aimed squarely at pasta beginners but including useful info for cooks of every level, these pasta tips include advice on matching pasta with the right sauce, how to boil pasta right, dealing with fresh basil, cheese politics (‘to grate or not to grate’) and much more.

Even more Italian cooking tips

Find out how to sweeten sour pasta sauce, freshen smelly garlic fingers, kill the pain of cooking burns, crack nuts and much more.

Names of pasta explained

Do you know your spaghetti from your spaghettini and spaghettoni? You will after reading this easy-to-follow pasta name guide.

Fun shaped pasta

Planning a kids’ party? Want to serve up some super-appropriate pasta for a special guest? This fun shaped pasta page is designed to help. From little girls’ ‘ringlets’ to shapes for bell ringers, bankers and wine fans, it's all here.

Pictures of pasta

Looking for pictures of pasta to put on your blog or even in your school homework? These images are for you to use as you like.

Northern Italian pasta recipes

This recipe guide focuses on the Northern part of Italy, spanning from Tuscany, with its hearty bean soups, up to the fresh crunchy pesto dishes of Liguria.

Pasta Recipe Directory

This quick-click page is designed to help you find exactly the pasta recipe you need without any fuss.

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