Pasta homework - design a new pasta dish

My homework 4 school is to design a pasta dish (don't make it) but how do you even start to think of how to make up your pasta dish? Thanks x

Answer: Wow, now that's some homework!

However, I think it's possible.

The reason it maybe seems so tricky is because doing it 'from scratch' is not easy - it's what proper chefs do, not students, right?

So what I'd suggest instead is that you simply modify a recipe that already exists... (the truth is, this is what 'proper' chefs do all the time. They change one or two ingredients of an existing dish and - hey presto! - a whole new recipe).

So first, try looking through this site for a recipe that features an ingredient or two that you love... (you can see my recipes listed by ingredient on my leftovers page) and then change one or two of the things in it.

Couple of examples:

1. If you like mushrooms and nuts, what about taking the spaghetti recipe here and instead of having the sauce with spaghetti, put its 'shrooms and nut' mixture inside some fresh ravioli. Then just serve with more of the same sauce, or covered in melted butter. Hmmm... (I might try that one myself!).

2. Or if you like another veg in particular, try replacing the artichoke in this simple recipe with your favorite.

3. Or you might replace the zucchini in this dish's bechamel sauce with another boilable veg.

4. Or another even easier one, take an ingredient you like (veg preferably, doesn't work so well with meat!), and some short pasta, and bang these inside a frittata. See this quick guide.

Hope that helps a little. Best of luck!


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Dec 07, 2009
Good x
by: Anonymous

Thanks that was a great help thanks 4 that x :)

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