Pasta flour question: semolina vs 00

by Marty
(Durham, NC, USA)

I have made pasta with eggs using 00 flour, which works well with my past roller and cutters.

And also I've made pasta with an extruder with semolina, without eggs, and this worked.

Still, I'm fuzzy on what types of pasta work best with which type of dough. I tried orecchiette by hand with a 00 egg dough, and found it to be too rubbery to easily roll the shape with a knife.

I'm planning on trying garganelli next - what type of dough would work best with that?



Hey Marty and thanks for getting in touch.

Congratulations on having successfully made both types of pasta dough, both with and without eggs (I take it the without-eggs was using 'semolina' durum wheat flour? That usually works best).

It's fine to be fuzzy about which dough to use when making different pasta shapes... as there isn't really a rule that suits all. I still have to check this stuff with 'the family' on a regular basis!

Orecchiette then, are made without eggs and using special durum wheat flour (see here).

For garganelli, you can stick to normal egg pasta made using 00 flour.

This eggy 00 dough is used for most pasta types that I cook up - tagliatelle, garganelli, corzetti etc. It's just that select shapes - like orecchiette and scialatielli - are a little different.

Hope that's helpful,


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Where to buy semolina flour
by: gary walaski

I live in Coudersport PA. I want to know where I can buy this semoline flour for pasta.

Coudersport is a small town and I cannot find this flour here.


Where to buy semolina flour online
by: Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

Hi Gary,

This flour can be tricky to find in smaller towns and cities, however it's available easily from

Here is the specific page you need to get started.

Hope that helps!


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