Pasta extruder talk, Imperia vs Atlas, and storing dry pasta

by Charles
(Paris (France))

Hi Matt,

Your website is great: there is so much information!

Do you have any method to prepare hollow pasta tubes?

I suppose that a pasta extruder is required, like this one.

Do you have any opinion about this kind of pasta machine? (I read the reviews on Amazon but there is nothing like a professional viewpoint.)

It's in plastic and it doesn't seem very durable. Moreover the system may be hard to clean.

Then I have another question regarding pasta machines: between the Imperia SP 150 and the Marcato Atlas - which one is the best according to you?

In another topic, somebody asked how long dry pasta could be kept and you had no precise idea about it. Here is a link to a site that looks quite serious where they say egg-free pasta keeps up to 6 months in a box when correctly dried (it's in French but Google' translator works very well!):
Thanks for everything!

Regards from Paris!


Response: Hey Charles and thanks very much for writing in.

To address your queries in order...

Regarding making hollow pasta shapes, you're right - I don't know a way to make these manually (I mean, you could roll flat pasta around a long thin poker/piece of metal), but that would quite frankly be a long, dull, nightmare to do and would probably still result in thick (and therefore chewy) pasta.

I haven't used the Atlas Regina Pasta Extruder you mentioned, although I would love the chance to test it out. I understand your plastic-is-maybe-flimsy concerns, but a 4/5 Amazon rating is generally very good. If I were you, and considering the quality of the other Marcato/Atlas kit I've used has been top-draw, I think I would take the plunge.

(If you do, please be sure to review this kit on this page - so that other readers can find out what you think!)

Regarding your question about whether to buy an Atlas or Imperia pasta machine, for me there is simply no winner. I loved them both - see my Imperia and Atlas review pages (both written after fully testing these machines in my kitchen).

And regarding storing dried pasta, that 6 months is an interesting comment. (Although, I'll still wait 'til someone I know has made it, stored it for over a month, and not got sick. Better to be safe! ;-)

Do let me know what you decide on the pasta extruder. In the meantime, I might ask Marcato if they can spare a test sample to play with...



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