Pasta Drying Rack -
A Buyer's Guide

What makes for a good pasta drying rack? Why are such stands useful? And which should you buy?

This quick guide explains everything you need to know...

When is a pasta rack useful?

When making fresh pasta for consumption the same day, fresh egg pasta can generally be cut into shapes and kept on a well-floured plate; these rarely stick together.

pasta rackHowever... egg-free pasta, made with special 'durum wheat semolina' flour and water (see here), can often remain sticky after it's made, meaning these shapes don't always stay separate on a plate - instead they stick together in a big glob and ruin all your hard work!

This is where a drying rack can come in handy. By separating out your long pasta shapes and minimizing their contact with each other and with surfaces, they avoid sticking together and they dry out as quickly as possible.

Additional benefits:

If you've made a big batch of pasta shapes, it's possible to dry some of these and store for future use. A pasta drying rack can be used to dry these leftover creations effectively (i.e. over the course of a few hours at room temperature), before storing them in air-tight Tupperware boxes for up to a month.

Drying racks can also be used, if required, to dry other food such as vegetable or fruit slices.

Types of pasta drying rack

Most drying racks are relatively simple in design; they feature one vertical pole, a stand or several feet, and several horizontal arms ('dowels') onto which you hang your pasta.

The aim of the design is simple: to dry the pasta fully and evenly, ensuring no moisture remains inside as this can cause your pasta to rot or mold.

Recommended Racks

Best Selling (on Norpro Pasta Drying Rack

Norpro pasta drying rack AmazonThis simple wooden product is great value and highly rated by pasta lovers around the world.

It stands just over 16 inches high and can be quickly disassembled for easy storage by removing the arms. To clean it, just wipe clean with a damp cloth.

It's available to buy on Amazon US here (Canada/UK equivalent).

Or read more user reviews here.

Technical Wizard: KitchenAid Pasta Drying Rack

Norpro pasta drying rack AmazonThis more expensive brushed aluminum creation really puts the style into the pasta rack market. When opened its horizontal hanging rods are all aligned, however give the black knob on top a quick turn and these space themselves out evenly. Smart!

Then just pull down each of the feet and flip the ends to lock in place. This stand even includes a special tool for moving noodles onto and off the arms. It's one ingenious and seriously sexy bit of pasta kit (note: I use it and it works perfectly).

It is available to buy on Amazon US here (Canadian equivalent).

Or you can read more user reviews here.

D.I.Y. Alternatives

Don't have the cash to buy a pasta rack today? These temporary alternatives work well enough...

- Use an existing cake or bun cooling rack.

- Spread pasta shapes (noodles) out over a clean towel or kitchen paper (note - the drying will take longer this way, and I suggest you turn them after an hour or two).

- How about over the back of a recipe book stand? The back of a kitchen chair (or string tied between two chairs)? Or even a very clean clothes drying stand?

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