Pasta cookbook for Christmas Italian gift hamper?

by Hans de Roos

Hello, we have a business in Christmas presents. For an English client I am looking for a small, cheap paperback Italian or pasta cookbook.

This will be part of a box with all Italian food products that will be delivered at the beginning of December (around 1025 pieces).

Do you have a suggestion?


Hans de Roos.

Answer: Hi Hans - an interesting request.

In terms of a good mix of price versus mouth-watering Italian quality, I reckon 'Easy Italian' by Ursula Ferrigno is an excellent buy.

Click the link above and you'll see that Amazon UK currently has new copies available from just 2.69 British pounds (see the small link that says '15 new from £2.69' under the main price).

A reasonable and super-cheap alternative might be The Little Pasta Cookbook (click the seller's link to see the prices available).

Hope that helps!


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