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- Alternate Pasta Carbonara Recipe With Arugula

STEPS 5 INGREDIENTS 9 (inc. salt etc.) TIME 20-25 MINS

I found this alternate pasta carbonara recipe in a wonderful bi-monthly Italian magazine called La Pasta. Now if only that lip-smacking read were available overseas and I could read Italian better!

pasta carbonara recipe

This dish gets its carbonara name from the fact it smothers its pasta in gloriously runny egg. It doesn't include traditional carbonara's usual bacon bits, instead its orange egg yolks are whipped and mixed with cream and cheese.

This dairylicious mix then contrasts nicely with the fresh and surprisingly strong taste of arugula/rocket (rucola in Italian). And last but not least, the saffron adds a real depth of color.

And did I mention this dish takes just 20 minutes from prep to first forkful?

Here's how to make penne con uova, rucola e zafferano...

Serves 4

pasta carbonara recipeIngredients:

350g/12oz penne rigate (ribbed penne)

160ml/5.4 fl oz half-fat cream

40g/1.4oz fresh arugula/rocket

40g/1.4oz Italian pecorino (ideal) or parmesan cheese

4 eggs

2 10-15g/0.5oz sachets of saffron

15g/0.5oz soft butter



Step 1 - First some quick prepping:

- Rinse the arugula/rocket, remove leaves from stalks and roughly tear leaves into slightly smaller pieces.

- Break eggs and drop just their orange yolks into a small mixing bowl.

Not sure how? Break the egg over the trash can or another bowl and simply 'pour' the egg between the two halves of its shell (letting the white stuff fall through the gap between). A few pours and you'll just have the orange yolk left.

- Grate the cheese.

- Pop saffron in a cup and stir in 2 tablespoons of water (this helps it mix in with the rest of the ingredients instead of just clumping together).

Step 2 - Since the sauce takes just a minute to make, drop your pasta into a large pan of well-salted boiling water now and get it cooking...

- Set your pasta timer for 30 seconds earlier than its packet suggests so that its nicely al denté (firm to the tooth).

Step 3 - While the pasta cooks, we'll finish the sauce:

- Add the cream to the bowl of egg yolks, then stir in: the grated cheese, saffron, a pinch of black pepper and 1/3 teaspoon of salt (everything except the arugula/rocket!).

- Stir/whisk this mixture well for 30 seconds.

pasta carbonara recipe

Step 4 - When the pasta is ready, drain in a colander.

- Pop the butter in a large deep frying pan on a medium heat to melt.

pasta carbonara recipe

- With the butter melted, add the pasta and stir well. Then pour over the sauce.

pasta carbonara recipe

- Heat through for just 30 seconds, stirring really well to coat the pasta in the sauce (but not long enough that the egg cooks itself into omelette form!)

Step 5 - Dish up your pasta in one big bowl or serving bowls.

- If using a big bowl, stir through the arugula/rocket and then serve (shown below). If smaller bowls, just drop a handful of leaves over the top of each.


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