Overcoming tough texture pasta dough

by Linda

Hi Matt - I'm often so disappointed with my fresh pasta. It seems tough and doesn't have the light tender texture I'm looking for.

If I were to put my all-purpose flour and run it through my food processor, for maybe 30 seconds or a minute even, would or could that simulate the fineness of very fine '00' double zero flour?



Hi Linda and thanks for your question.

You know what? We actually got given a massive 5kg bag of AP flour just the other day, and we've started doing just what you suggest - whizzing it - when we use it each time to make pasta!

It doesn't come out quite as fine as double zero, but it certainly does help.

Two more tips that should help you:

1. Pop a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in with the eggs when they are in the bowl of flour. This can add a little elasticity to the dough.

2. And... very important this one - when you've mixed the eggs in the center of the flour bowl, remove most of the walls' thickness by sliding away excess flour with the side of your hand. Only when the walls are 1cm thick do I start mixing flour and egg mixture with my fingers. This ensures there's not too much flour in the mixture, which can make it overdry and inflexible.

Do let me know how you get on. Ciao!


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Thanks Matt
by: Linda

Matt, thank you so much for your insight.

I will try the tips just as you suggested. I have been looking around, a little locally, for the 00 flour but to no avail so far.

But I will try popping the AP through the processor and see how that works also. I've printed out your suggestions and will try them, possibly this weekend.

I have found that living in such a humid area has been a challenge with baking. Since moving from the desert 11 years ago... from 4,000 ft. to sea level. Yes a huge challenge... I've almost lost interest! I like the lack of humidity of the desert for cooking and baking best..

Thank you again. I will let you know any difference, if any, I find.


Where to buy double zero pasta flour online
by: Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

Ah I see, yes humidity can be a real kitchen problem. We sad the same issue when we lived in Dubai - hot yes, but sticky too during the Summer.

Re: double zero flour, they actually sell it on Amazon.com (US site). Try this link

Best of luck!


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