Need your help - Atlas electric pasta machine has broken teeth

by Frank

Hi Matt,

My mother has a motorized Marcato Atlas pasta machine.

She tried cleaning some dried pasta in the linguine cutter and inadvertently turned on the motor.

I took the side plate off of the cutter to discover that the plastic part where the crank handle or motor is inserted has some broken teeth.

Can I purchase a replacement part or is the cutter now useless? Have you ever come across something like this?



Hi Frank,

How unfortunate! I've never heard of this problem. Very frustrating.

I have a contact at Marcato who I have sent your email to. I'll let you know what they say okay?

(Alternatively, they may contact you direct)

More soon I hope...


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Help from Marcato!
by: Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

I heard back from Marcato. Here is what their helpful representative had to say:


Hello Frank,

The plastic gears break to prevent worse damage to the machine (or to the motor). It's no big deal, you can replace the broken gears and your ATLASMOTOR will be fine.

I can see you're from Canada so here are the contacts of our Canadian Atlas/Marcato distributor:
Adamo Import Limited
25 Densley Avenue
Ontario M6M 2P5

Tel: 001-416-242-5575
Fax: 001-416-242-3925
E-mail: here

You can call them anytime, they are very pleasant to deal with.

If Adama Import does not have those replacements in stock please do not hesitate to get back to me, alright? We can also ship directly.

Elena Marcato
Email here

P.S. You can also follow us on Facebook. Just search for 'Marcato Spa'.


Hope that helps Frank.


Make our day
by: Eddy

My mother in law (who makes delicious lasagna) has the same problem with her pasta machine.
She wanted to buy another machine but she found it to expensive. Result? No pasta for us.

I wanted to surprise her and fix the machine, but i can't find the spare parts. Do you now were the find it in Belgium or somewhere else?


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