My Imperia was the best Christmas present EVER!

by Susan

I so excited when I received this wonderful piece of kitchen equipment last Christmas (2011). I can't say enough great things about it!

I have been obsessed with pasta making ever since and am working on getting my recipe absolutely perfect. It's probably the most fun you will ever have in the kitchen and everyone loves eating the freshly made pasta.

If you think pasta making can be a little messy, you're right. HOWEVER, cleaning up is an absolute breeze. You do not want to ever wash this machine in water though. Instead I take a cheap paintbrush from the hardware store and just brush the flour off. I wipe it a bit with a flour sack towel and put it back in its cozy little box.

It is also one of the best value buys out there. Other pasta machines cost much more but I doubt they are any better than this one. I'm sure it will outlast me. Get one. You won't be sorry!

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