My homemade fresh pasta was too soft

by Kathy

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your enthusiasm about pasta. I was so inspired that I tried the homemade pasta instantly after readying about it.

Well I made the vegan recipe without eggs. I found the correct flour at my supermarket.

I made it exactly like it is written, but after boiling my pasta, I found the pasta too soft. I boiled them for only 2 min, but it wasn't al dente.

What did I do wrong? Was my fresh dough too wet?

Thanks for your advice.


Hi Kathy and thanks for your query (and for trying out the recipe!).

From one Switzerland dweller to another (are you Swiss or expat?), a few thoughts that have been run by Mamma Marisa for checking:

* Firstly, I have to ask... you were definitely using the flour 'semola di grano duro' (durum wheat flour) and not actual semolina? (I don't mean to patronise, only I know people have made this mistake in the past!)

* Otherwise... it could be that your dough was too moist (not enough flour compared to the water content). This can make a difference... getting the right balance is key.

* Did you drop your fresh pasta shapes in the pan of water when the water was boiling or before?

If before, then this would lead to the pasta overcooking, i.e. making it too soft.

* Did you take the pasta out of the water as soon as it rose to the surface? There or just after is the right time, again to avoid overcooking.

It could be that one of those slight changes would make all the difference.

Do let me know... and let's be sure to try again. I'd really like you to enjoy a successful attempt!

Best wishes,


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