More questions about freezing lasagna

by Chris
(North Andover, MA)

Is it better to cook and freeze lasagna or freeze uncooked lasagna?

If I am freezing cooked lasagna do I cook for its full time then freeze?

At what temperature and for how long do I cook defrosted cooked lasagna?


Hi Chris,

Good questions and these are queries that a surprising number of other people also ask.

So let's go...

- Cook and freeze lasagna or freeze uncooked lasagna?

You can freeze lasagna before or after cooking it - it's entirely up to you.

However I prefer to cook it before freezing it (cook for 20 mins at 180C/350 fahrenheit), then let it cool... as this means it holds its shape really well when freezing.

When re-using, be sure to defrost your lasagna at room temperate (maybe during the day or evening), before popping it in the oven for 15 or so mins to re-heat



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