Milano's Italian restaurant, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

by Mary
(Memphis, Tennessee)

In Memphis, Tennessee, there is a little chain of Italian restaurants called Milano's. They offer pizza, calzones, lasagna, you name it.

When you go in they have a display case full of freshly made pizza and calzones. You can even buy pizza by the slice. Beat that Pizza Hut!

Even on the busiest days, the service is friendly and the place is kept very clean.

It's refreshing to have a local place I can go to for good fettuccine or cheese pizza. But, most of all, I love their chicken sub. I know that's not an Italian dish, per se, but they have the best bread... yum.

So, if you're ever in Memphis and want better Italian food than the chain restaurants offer, stop by Milano's on Bartlett Boulevard or Stage Road. You won't be sorry!

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