Making macaroni with a pasta machine: are different brand attachments interchangeable?

Hi Matt,

I've got the Marcato Atlas 150 which is over 10 years old (7 settings versus 9) and want to make macaroni.

I can't find an attachment but know the Imperia 150 has a macaroni attachment. My question is simple. Are the attachments interchangeable?

Look forward to hearing from you.

By the way, love the website and I'm lucky enough to have the genuine article, an Italian mum!

Take care


Response: Hey Tony - thanks for the question and congrats on the, um, half-Italianness (?)


Now then, re: Marcato, I don't know if their attachments would be interchangeable with Imperia's, but I would be very surprised if they were.

Tell you what though... I have both machines so I'll check this evening and hit you back with another comment here okay?

Re: macaroni attachments for either, you seem to know the score there, but I've researched it a little to get it straight in my head so I'll outline it here too (it'll be useful for other readers in future that way).

Here goes:

There does not seem to be a macaroni attachment available for the standard manual Atlas pasta maker.

However... the company does make a separate product called the Atlas Manual Pasta Extruder Regina. This is the one you need for churning out small pasta shapes like macaroni, rigatoni and several more. Find it here on Amazon

As for Imperia, this company does offer a standard macaroni-capable cutter attachment for its SP150 manual pasta maker. This is usually available on via this page (be sure to choose Imperia and not the cheaper, lower quality Cucina Pro).

Can you use this Imperia macaroni attachment with your Marcato Tony? As I said, check below later today for the answer!

More soon...


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May 15, 2012
Compatibility verdict
by: Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

As expected, it's a no I am afraid.

See the pic below. The Imperia's metal edges are rounded, but in the opposite direction to how we would like!

marcato imperia pasta maker attachments

Ho-hum... do let me know what option you choose and if you get to buy/try that interesting looking Marcato macaroni maker!



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