Making homemade paccheri

by Joanne T
(Adelaide, Australia)

Was wondering if (as a home cook) I can make paccheri pasta and if anyone can anyone assist me with how to do this?

Thank you!


Hi there and thanks for the pasta question.

The truth is, paccheri (tube pasta shapes that are between rigatoni and larger cannelloni in size) are not at all easy to make by hand.

(More on paccheri here.)

Similarly to cannelloni, the issue is that the fresh pasta tends to just fall in on itself, unless you have solid things the right shape that you can roll it around and then leave it to dry wrapped around these (sliding it off at the end).

Of course, in professional pasta manufacturing plants this is all possible because they have powerful and expensive fast-drying machinery. Plus the right molds/shapes etc.

I did think about Atlas's Regina Manual Pasta Extruder, however this only really does up to rigatoni-sized shapes. Not really any bigger. (Note - I'll be reviewing this neat little pasta extruder soon on this site!)

I also wondered whether the KitchenAid Mixer's Pasta Attachment (on Amazon here and YouTube video here) might have been good for this, but this discussion thread suggests not.

Um, so in short, unless you have a thin pole kind of shape (or several) to wrap your fresh pasta around, I don't have any great ideas...

Apologies, I hate not being able to help more!


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