Macaroni and ketchup

by Gale

I grew up thinking that macaroni and ketchup was good Italian food. My mother had many wonderful qualities, but cooking wasn't one of them :)

Imagine my surprise when I had REAL Italian food. When you think macaroni and ketchup is a treat, you're pretty much pleased with all pasta dishes.

I must say, though, that nothing compares to the Italian food I had in Italy. EVERY meal was superb, from the tomatoes in the salad to the wine with the meal. I can't wait to go back.

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Nov 30, 2009
Doh, but we've all been there...
by: Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

While you were there with your ketchup Gale, I was at college finishing up bits from the cupboard by mixing short pasta shapes with baked beans from a tin.

Cheap? Yes. Delicious? Erm, nope... :-)


Apr 10, 2011
Macaroni and ketchup 2
by: Gian Banchero

Dear Gale,

It was 1969 in the Fairfax District in Los Angeles. I was invited to a young couple's home for a "real" homemade spaghetti and meatball dinner, since I was new to town and was hankering for a nice familiar home-cooked meal.

I was excited at the prospect of partaking in a thoughtfully created meal made in my honor, and always one to collect a new recipe I brought pen and paper to record the recipe....

The meatballs?: Hamburger, garlic, salt, that was all.

The "sauce": once seated at the table there was placed a large bowl of just cooked spaghetti with the meatballs all accompanied by a large bottle of ketchup.

I had never seen this "sauce" before and thought my hosts were playing a trick. Thankfully I kept my mouth shut, poured the ketchup over the spaghetti and meatballs, and strangely found myself actually enjoying it all.

Now I grew up in a large Italian family so I knew my sauces, but for some reason I got to liking ketchup as a sauce and every now and then when I need a quick pasta fix I look for the bottle of the infamous "instant sauce".

Allow me to defend myself, since that fateful day I have graduated from two culinary schools, owned a restaurant, cooked several years in Italy, have owned a catering service and for eight years wrote a culinary column for an Italian journal, but still I'm not adverse to a bowl of pasta with the "secret" red sauce.

Aug 16, 2013
Ketchup Pasta
by: Gian Banchero

When I was a resident of Los Angeles some 45 years ago I was invited to a young couples' home for a "delicious Italian dinner" of spaghetti and meatballs. Here is the recipe which I shall gladly share with all, enjoy:
1.) One pound of over boiled spaghetti.
2.) Sauce: one bottle of ketchup.
3.) "Italian cheese" from a can.
4.) Meatballs: One pound ground fatty beef mixed with one teaspoon of garlic salt, mix well. Roll into balls and fry up, mix with spaghetti and ketchup. Sprinkle "cheese" over. Enjoy!!!

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