Loving the KitchenAid pasta maker attachment


I love mixing pasta in the KitchenAid mixer and then attaching the roller to make lasagna, or using the fettuccini or spaghetti attachment.

KitchenAid pasta makerIt does a fantastic job. I've owned and used other pasta machines, but the KitchenAid is tops by far.

Response: Interesting Carol, as I'd heard from others that the KA approach could be tricky. Good to hear from a happy KitchenAid pasta maker first-hand!

What types of machine had you tried previously? Traditional rollers or some other kind?

Really appreciate your thoughts,


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May 04, 2010
KitchenAid pasta cutter attachment
by: Sonjia

I too love my KitchenAid pasta cutter, my grandchildren love using it too, but thanks to Matt, I've learned to make the "bowtie" pasta and have fun doing that. I'm still trying to make the little "shells" but I just don't have any luck, maybe one day I will.

Response: Don't sweat it Sonjia, orecchiette are the only tricky shapes to make really and they do take time (plenty) to master. I'm not perfect at these either, much to my mamma-in-law's continual amusement!


Jun 04, 2010
Pros and Cons
by: Nicci

After trying to make pasta by hand several disastrous times (I haven't yet attempted it again since discovering Matt's magnificent website) I bought myself a Kitchen Aid with pasta roller/cutter attachments.

As long as you are making plain fettuccine, it works great; but the spaghetti cutter I have found to be utterly useless because it doesn't cut the strands apart well. Spinach pasta does not cut well either.

That said, however, the roller is fab for kneading and rolling out the dough to uniform thickness and making fresh fettuccine is a breeze.

Apr 13, 2012
Old Kitchen Aid So-So
by: Jamie

I got the extruder dies cheaply many years ago to fit on the grinder. It's not bad for bucatini/macaroni and thick spaghetti. The new pasta extruder/cutter is far more expensive but may work better.

However, I received an Imperia SP150 for Christmas and far prefer to crank out the spaghetti chitarra and tagliatelle that it makes. It also has helped me master the dough. I may give the old Kitchen Aid another try, now that I feel confident about my dough making.

Apr 16, 2012
Beats my old pasta machines...
by: Carol

Hi, I had a manual pasta roller years ago but didn't bother with it after the first couple of times, then I bought an electric pasta machine that mixed the dough but I hated it; if the dough wasn't the perfect texture, the machine wouldn't extrude it.

With my KitchenAid I make red (beet), orange (squash), & green (spinach) pasta and I am now working on purchasing squid ink to make black pasta.

My KA is my best friend, lol.

Response: Hi Carol and thanks for chipping in to the debate. Quite a glowing recommendation and you're a serious pasta chef lady! Love it :-)


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