Looking for a recipe that calls for bird nest pasta (made in France)

by Twilla
(New Mexico)

This recipe is made of vegetables and is coiled in the bird's nest pasta.

Can you help?

Response: Tricky one Twilla, do you have any more details at all? What types of veggies were they? Where did you eat this?

I spoke to my good friend Kim from Easy French Food about this, and here's what she had to suggest.

"The French do like to serve all sorts of things up as little bird's nest, but as to a specific recipe for doing this with pasta, I don't think that there is just one recipe.

"If you Google 'nid de pate' you will find all sorts of creative ideas of what one can do with a nest of pasta and some other ingredients (note - the pasta type used is usually angel's hair pasta, called 'capelli d'angelo' in Italian - Matt).

"I wonder though what your reader meant by it is made with vegetables. Are the vegetables formed in a nest too?"

So Twilla, my best suggestion is to click onto Google Images and pop in the phrase 'nid de pate' (without the quotes). I've done it here. You may 'see' the dish you ate and then be able to click through its recipe page. That's probably your best bet.

Please do let me know if you find it and, if so, which recipe it is. We'd love to try it ourselves of course!

Hope that is a little help,

Matt :-)

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